Turning a New Leaf


So you thought the Fall Leaves were just eye candy…Think again the Red Maple Leaf may actually be eye candy and eye wrinkle eraser all in one. The latest research in botanical skin care focuses on Red Maple Extract. This powerful leaf appears to offer an elastin (collagen) promoting affect that helps to secure the foundation of skin by enhancing elastin in the skin creating a stronger more buoyant you! How you ask? The key is an ingredient in Red Maple “glucitol-core-containing gallotannins,” which appears to stop the elastin-destroying enzyme elastase, thereby preventing saggy and loose skin. And if that is not enough magic for one pretty Fall leaf, it also shows promise with anti-inflammation and dark spots. While it likely won’t fix those stubborn deep lines created by repetitive movement (helped greatly by injectables such as Botox and Dysport) adding Red Maple extract to your cream routine will help your skin appear plump, hydrated and supple. Let nature do it’s work for you this Fall and don’t forget to run and jump in a big pile of leaves.

Feeling happy is the best anti-aging trick of all. Other leaves to turn are Banana Leaves which when wrapped around ice can immediately brighten skin and reduce puffy circles under your eye thanks to Allatoin. An ingredient found in many expensive creams. Go the affordable route and afterward steam those leave for some yummy curry!

Peppermint Leaves are known for their anti-inflammatory properties including Vitamin A and C which will reduce swelling, minimize pores, tighten skin and leave you feeling invigorated. Also makes a delicious Tea or Gin Gimlet depending on your mood. Basil Leaves are a [powerhouse of nutrients and on the skin front fights fungi helping with acne and both heals while reducing pain of insect bites. Pasta anyone? – RR

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