There Once Was A Man Named Succat – now known as St. Pat


St. Patrick was a saint for many reasons. He was not the first lover of Guinness nor was he actually Irish. He was born in Roman Britain in the 4th Century to a wealthy family where he lived the life of an elite member of the Roman society of the time. His parents were Christians. At the age of 16 as he was about to embark on his education journey and apprentice with his father he was kidnapped by Gaelic pirates who tortured him and took him across the Sea to Gaelic Ireland where he worked as both a servant and shepherd. So while we stay home in a weird state of self-imposed and government-imposed quarantine, the first time in my life I can remember my freedom being clipped, let’s remember that people like St. Patrick often suffered a far worse fate. When he finally returned to Rome (after being told by God to go to the Coast where a ship would take him home) his family and fortune were near gone and the country he knew and loved was in the midst of deep change through circumstances he had no control over. St. Patrick’s life had forever been altered and yet he rose to the occasion returning to Gaelic Ireland a country of fighting tribes to unite and bring forth his faith. Today, while you share a lonely Guinness at home with your 10 or less friends and practice the new art of social distancing may the luck of the Irish be with us all and the wind always at our backs. Beer has remarkable healing powers we covered this in our Oktoberfest post, so enjoy a little, relax a little, laugh a little for as they say Keep Calm and Carry On…

Irish Soda Bread Recipe

250 gramsPlain White Flour
250 gramsPlain Wholemeal Flour
100 gramsPorridge Oats
1 teaspoonBicarbonate of Soda
1 teaspoonSalt
25 gramsButter (Cut in Pieces)
500 millilitersButtermilk

  Erin Go Braugh!  
– RR

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