The Eyes Have It


Marilyn Monroe once said a little white eye shadow on the lids and I look brand new! It’s amazing what the tricks of the trade unveil with a stroke of brown powder here and a pink crease there tired  eyes come to life once again. Researchers say the first part of the face we see is what we see with – the eyes. Your eyes often speak more loudly than your moving lips or spoken word. In my practice after age 35, it is all about the eyes so here are a few of my tips on how to keep your “peepers” looking their tip top best.- RR

  1. Vaseline. Don’t laugh and I know you are. It is true a tiny dab under each eye in the morning before applying make-up keeps those creases at bay – and who doesn’t have a jar standing by
  2. White or Beige – Yup MM was right. A little of the lighter color on the lid just above the lash line wakes you up instantly and no-one will notice what you did – guys you can do this one too. A flesh colored eye pencil does this job perfectly. Maybeline is my go to
  3. Botox/Dysport – Da! Not a lot or too much filler this can push things up and add creases especially if you have high cheekbones or deep set sockets
  4. Good Cream – This means it has moisture holders and peptides. Just read the back. Doesn’t have to cost you that next pair of great shoes – it just has to have those two ingredients
  5. Get Real – If you are 50 your eyes are not going to look 20 and if they did you would look weird so embrace the beauty of older knowing eyes – they really are some of the sexiest eyes I’ve seen
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