The best toys are Red…


Yes we all remember our Radio Flyers! That iconic shiny red bike, wagon, scooter that seemed to have super hero speed and instant neighborhood cred. Cut to my adult passion for restoring beautiful things including cars! My newest edition – the toy of the month – is Big Red! She’s a 1979 Chevy Blazer and it was love at first sight. So with a bit of convincing, she packed her bags and headed West to Cali where she will become a Star! What I adore about restore is getting lost in the process. We all need a hobby and for me the slow methodical work of restoring old trucks and cars is soul replenishing. My mind becomes intertwined in the work of each part and how it fits and where it goes and how I tweak the polish the color the vintage hints the simple tricks to make it all come together and bring something yesteryear back to her glory days! It’s the discipline in what we do that keeps us moving forward and that routine and time has to be applied not only to our daily work but,, also to our joyful hobby-work. I can’t wait to share Big Red’s journey with you. And for the car enthusiast here are some fun tips!

FIND A HOBBY! And stick with it….

Wheels – they have to fit

Bumpers – they finish the look so go authentic here

Paint – try to stick to the original colors as they are what makes a vintage vehicle pop

Shine – these cars want to shine and polish up so remember to keep a soft cloth nearby

Bob’s Big Boy – no he is not a car but, on Friday Nights in the Valley you can have some fun eating an old school Bob’s Combo Burger and browsing some incredible vintage autos on display it’s the modern car hop!

See the source image

have fun….RR

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