Take Your Skin On A Trip with THE ROUTE


With products named The Party Peel and The Girlfriend this skincare line is not only effective but, fun to use and hey when you’re tired and drudging through the am/pm skincare routine a little dose of HAPPY is the way to go. The Route is what the name implies – a simple and pretty darn effective skin management program that took me about 3 minutes day and night to complete. I love that! The concept is RHYTHM – ingredients that work when your skin is best prepared for their benefit based on the bodies rhythmic (circadian clock) time machine. Certain products are better in the day others at night. It makes sense this is how we take our meds so why not our skincare. Packed with both natural and technologically based formulations the line uses some of the best of both world’s including my favorite PEPTIDES and the very important SHITAKE Mushroom a known healer of all things including cancer. I love the added value of Ginger, Bark and Chardonnay, Designed by a Nurse – Nurse Nancy – (the world’s greatest healers if I do say so myself) the products are infused with a powerful cocktail of PHOSPHOLIPIDS known to boost the happy side of our mood and hydrate all at the same time – what a wonder! I found the product to go on well and absorb instantly – it did not leave any flaky residue on my skin something I am very sensitive to in my product usage. Beautifully packaged so it looked fab in my bathroom which I spent a lot of money and time restoring. A clever note of gratitude is placed inside each box a nice touch in this crazy world we all struggle though – THE ROUTE was a happy and beneficial skincare experience! I do think the packaging is a bit on the feminine side so to my masculine friends don’t be afraid the box is floral but the bottles are simple you can stash the box with your other hidden treasures! www.theroutebeauty.com – RR

Rand’s Picks:

The Girlfriend (Let’s add a Boyfriend to that please)

The skin smoothing moisturizing primer treatment worked under my eyes and above my lip line very quickly

The Golden Rule

The next generation RetInoid worked and was gentle on my skin no redness or burn instead it left a glow

The Party Peel

Wow after one use I was a new man – this is the must have of the line – aptly named it’s a party for your face

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