Restoring my truck and my life…


As so many of you know I have a passion for restoration, trucks, homes, faces and well my own life!. The past 6 months have proven challenging for us all but, in sticking to the things I love and trying to stay active I found renewal is really available to us all of the time. What I have discovered is the passion to do list. Obviously, the dreaded to do list is something we all have – to do – in creating a list that sets goals to complete a project you feel passionate about really changes your outlook and mood. For me it was finally having the time, forced upon me by the pandemic, to finish Old Yellar (’72 Chevy Short Bed Fleet Side K10 meaning 4×4) my truest road trip girl. She’s been with me for over 20 years and the memories swirl around her embossed black seats and bright canary yellow paint like your favorite secret outlandish paperback! I became immersed in making sure every detail of her was perfect. I kept her vintage bone structure, shall we say, while enhancing it with modern amenities hidden beneath the surface. My morning ritual became to-go coffee at one of my favorite haunts and a trip to Auto Zone where you can get a lot of incredible stuff for a great price. Whatever anxiety I had that morning or during the day was quickly reworked into the details of Old Yellow’s comeback! I am a perfectionist,which is what you love me for your face, so this girl will never be done, However, she is ready for her close up and more importantly to take me on some new adventures along this bumpy curvy and inspiring road of life! – RR

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