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Our hands have been neglected of late. Blame it on Covid-19 along with the rest of this seemingly blind sighted year. So I am raising my hand. We have washed them in hot water drenched them in bleach hand sanitized them into dry rough artifacts of a year we would all like to forget. Yet every time I look at my hands, I remember. Our hands need a big thank you. They do a lot for us and over this very Dickens holiday moment our hands need to be loved. So while you write Christmas Cards, Light the Menorah, Decorate, DIY, Bake, Cook or just hold the hand of a loved one (COVID FREE) think about gifting your hands some tender youthful care. Here are my tips for at home hand rejuvenation and some tricks of my trade that can be done quickly with immediate results by your favorite medical professional. By using the miraculous HA (Hyaluronic Acid) as filler to smooth the area of the hands, we decrease the visual signs of age our hands suffer as skin loses volume. Hand restoration treatment is basically hiding the bones so you don’t look like Cruella Deville. On the other HAND, we are careful not to over fill so you don’t look like Minnie Mouse. The goal here is just enough to create a smooth outer layer to the skin of your hands erasing the deep valleys and crevices that come with environmental damage, age and now Covid hand washing routines. So this holiday season give yourself a gift by helping your hands with a beautiful restoration and start the new year with a high five! – RR

Sunblock your hands we always forget!

Olive Oil and Mayo Wrap

Mix 1/4 cup of Olive Oil with 2 tbs of Mayo into a creamy consistency. Heat a cloth in the microwave or just with hot water wring till damp. Place the mixture on your hand for 15 minutes. Wash and add your favorite hand cream.

Exfoliate and then Aquaphor at night with cashmere mittens as you sleep it is amazing!

Jo Malone it is the hands down (get the pun) best hand cream ever.

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