Meditate Your Inner Beauty


Here is TRUTH. It does not matter how many shots I give you – if you are unhappy, overwhelmed, depressed, angry and not taking time for you then you will not be a beauty. Because beauty is not skin deep it is internal. Beauty comes from your energy and state of mind. We all suffer and struggle it is part of the plan. So what can we do to ease those tensions which tighten the jaw, clinch the teeth, squint the eye and forehead creating those fine lines. For me it has been these very simple daily meditations: PRETTY DOES NOT ALWAYS HAVE TO HURT…-RR

I find my happy place. I have one at home at work in my car and along my daily routes

I stay in my happy place a little longer than comfortable to break down the barriers of a stressful day

I wake up to gratefulness 3 things in the morning I am happy about as simple as cute, dogs, clean sheets,, good coffee

I go to bed to gratefulness

I drink water (and Tequila)

I laugh with friends

I go outside to see nature during my day

I sleep

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