Captivating Cambodia


People get away to really get away and going to a place so far away from your own is an awesome way to achieve that simple goal. I’m in Cambodia and I would love to share this adventure with you…Travel is one of my most favorite things to do and after a lot of recent hard work, the flight over was just what the doctor ordered. The excitement of getting away knowing you’re untethered from the daily routine in a luxury flight to an exotic destination made the flight so fun! But, the best part was the incredibly clean and luxurious rain shower I took at the Cathay Pacific Executive Club after a 15-hour flight to Hong Kong…

Cathay Pacific Executive Club Shower

Once arrived we were whisked off to the fabulous truly chic BELMOND LA RÉSIDENCE D’ANGKOR and in a beautiful tropical setting. I think I took a really deep breath for the first time when I walked through the lobby doors. 

At the Belmond
The Belmond Hotel Pool

Day One took us on a trek to one of the famed must-see Temples of Cambodia. It did not disappoint very surreal and serene! And a blessing from a wise and kind monk is definitely going a long way..more to come-RR

  1. Very very beautiful and yes whisked away! Enjoy your trip look forward to seeing more. 😘sage travel & adventures! A

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