Berry Beautiful


This weekend while out and about at favorite LA eateries, I saw more than a few shades of Berry that were really delicious. And, although I don’t wear lipstick, I do appreciate big beautiful red puckers.

I mean it is what I do…so I thought I would explore some DO’s and DON’TS of the Berry.
Lips: I often get asked if women over 45 can do red lips. Why not? It’s really more about the color match and product quality than age. With the tricks of the injectable trade, lip creases aren’t a factor until much later in life. Whether it’s filling lines or plumping and lifting lips, there are many skills I use to kill those crease crinkly lines. So…
DO reds if you fix the lines. 
DON’T reds if your teeth are off-color. 
DO reds if your lips are full or petite just use liner either lip tones or clear. 
DON’T reds if you have on heavy make-up. Red lips should be the focal point of your face. 
DO reds that match your skin depth tones or undertones. Are you more yellow or pink? No matter your skin color it falls under one of those base shades. Match. Contrast in red is harsh and displeasing to the eye.  A trick to find out your shade is squeeze you fingertip. That’s your red!

Some of my gal pals favorite reds are: Chanel Pirate, MAC Ruby Roo and Revlon Fire & Ice

Berry color and fruit are sweet, sensational show stoppers! So while you are out with your fabulous red lips enjoy a delicious berry beverage. Full of amazing health triggers. And so refreshing! My go-to is homemade raspberry-infused Vodka chilling in my fridge! 


  • 5 Packages (6 ounces each) Driscoll’s Raspberries
  • 1 1/2 cups granulated sugar
  • 12 Cups vodka, or enough to top off your vessels
  • Spices of choice: cinnamon stick, split vanilla bean, rosemary sprig, fresh bay leaf, a peeled chunk of ginger, or lemongrass


  1. DISTRIBUTE berries amongst 6 sealable bottles, carafes, or large canning jars.
  2. ADD steeping spices of choice.
  3. ADD ¼ cup sugar to each bottle.
  4. FILL each bottle with vodka to just below one inch of rims.
    COVER bottles tightly.
    GENTLY shake bottles a few times.
    PLACE bottles in a cool, dark place (such as a pantry cupboard) where you might encounter them at least every few days.
    KEEP bottles at room temperature for 3 to 4 weeks
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