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It’s Oscar Day and if you live in LA as I do it’s a combination of bad traffic due to annoying street closures stylists infiltrating Beverly Hills with some bad attitude and outrageous parties full of freshly done faces in a mad panic to look young! Welcome to Hollywood. For most of us it’s the parties we look forward to often themed, everyone dressed up and critiquing films the majority of the world have not seen nor care to.  Honestly, it’s the epitome of let’s do it up for what? As uniquely LA The Oscars are it’s the second most-watched live event behind the Super Bowl so looking good on that infamous red carpet is absolute – whether it’s the one strewn down Hollywood Blvd or your own front yard. As we prepare to spend a little time in LaLa land casting our daily cares to the Santa Ana winds let’s have a chat about how all those chosen people – the glitterati of stars fallen to earth- look the same at 50 as they did 15 years ago.  Some of the secrets of the stars are simple, some hilarious and a lot just wrong. But, here are my go-to tricks to looking good on big nights and every day! 

Me- and my esteemed colleagues and our trusty Needles and Injections! That is secret #1 and we will get to my pointers on that later.

Ice- when it comes to over 30 ice is your bestie.  No matter how many plant-based dishes you dine or Kombucha you chug week before a big event you’ll be puffy that morning. A collective scream at about 8 am rises above LA Oscar morning like the offshore fog when dames and dudes alike realize they’ve got just a few hours to reverse the puff. And nobody does it better than ICE. No, I’m talking about deporting your face. Just fridge ice people. My go to is a bag of frozen peas get organic so you can stay Hollywood authentic.  Slap the sucker on your pucker, cheeks, eyes just lay it over your face for 20 minutes. All will end well.

Lemon- now don’t rub this on your face unless you want to have to do ice all over again but, squeeze a lemon into a tall glass of lukewarm water (a la Brad Pitt) and hey go for tap it’s an LA secret it’s ok- or if you’re a real Hollywood elite go for you specially installed ionized filtered water- either way get that lemon down first thing. It’s a diuretic and stabilizes acids. Both will reduce swelling, bloat and give you some energy.

Rose hip and Vaseline – No this is not what you’re thinking, get your head out of the gutter people it’s The Oscars have some respect. Get out your rosehip spray which I told you to buy weeks ago. If you don’t have it send your assistant or dog walker to Trader Joe’s and get their rosehip spray it’s great. Now spray that all over your face and neck. In 20 seconds add your Vaseline put it on your lips and under your eyes. Vaseline is a barrier it will trap the moisture. In 30 minutes you can wipe it off.

Ok morning de-puff done.  Onto the natural glow.
Sunshine. Get outside ride a bike, hike, jog but get morning sunshine and fresh air. It has been said to cure the blues get 20 minutes of morning sun. And you’ll need to get happy before tonight just in case your friend boss lover or just favorite actor loses! And as is typical LA Style it is pouring rain Oscar Day so do your sun tomorrow – and “act” like you did it today!

Finally. the real reason why movie stars look so good on the red carpet year after year. Without stating the obvious of diets, fasts, cleanses, trainers, hair and make-up stunning perfectly tailored wardrobes with millions of dollars in jewels- it’s the needles and I’m not talking acupuncture! There simply is no way to look younger quicker then we’ll placed injections. And the key is time and talent. It’s a solid 3 to 4 weeks to get the best results to alleviate marks or bruising and fix if needed. So this started taking place in early January for tonight. While the stylists are having a hell day today we nurses and doctors are relaxing and recovering from our weekend of fun! Some tips as I sip a Bloody Mary by the TV:
Bruises- If you’re going to be doing work and you bruise stay off anti-inflammatory medication it makes bruising worse and grab a bottle Arnica it speeds up the healing.

Trust-Go to a nurse or doctor you like and have seen before and don’t add new treatments for a big event. Do that when you’re just home with loved ones who will forgive you if it is not a good look.
My suggested event list treatment sites:

Eyes if you need crows feet or circle work do it!  Your eyes tell your story they are as they say the window to your soul. And as one dear friend once told me you must smile from your eyes to be authentic! Filler is amazing for under the eye issues. Talk to your provider about treating eyes holistically so they are in sync with your face. It’s important though to make sure your eyes have their normal expression. It’s good even if a few lines remain because that is real beauty which is ultimately what we are trying to capture in youthful appearances 

Lips are a big event moment. These times call for big makeup looks so if you feel you have lip lines and or thinning get a consultation on how to reverse those very identifiable signs of age. The lips are another focal point of your face so keeping them youthful in an appropriate way (no ducks allowed) will take years of your appearance. Again filler works wonder on your age lines keeping your pout plump, but not too plump. Fake ages you too. Just full enough to create the look of health and vitality. 
And from a maintenance point of view, everyone should be on top of their 11s and forehead creases all the time as those issues age you but, can also make you look sad or mad. If you’re nominated and you lose no frowning allowed! 

So tonight when you watch with a tinge of envy at how damn good everyone looks from 22 to 82 remember – you may not have Mr. Armani dressing you personally or Cartier dropping a few dozen carats worth of diamonds off but, you too can achieve a younger and fresher look with just a few common-sense tricks and a reputable injection expert who will wipe those nasty wrinkles and sunken cheeks away with their knowledge skill and magic wand! and the winner is You! – RR

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