A New Beauty


Welcome to a new decade! The twenties, so fun, so strange, so appropriate! I wish you all the traditional messages and one very SoCal Rand wish of true inner beauty! This only comes from inner peace. Peace I often gain from just flat out laughing at life. And I intend to do a lot of that this year. 2020 – does this mean perfection? Vision? Some mystical numerical sign?  I love the number 2020, how clean it looks, how sharp and defined. Let’s get in focus people. Love. Accept. Hope. Enjoy. Redo! I spent some of my holiday in the stunning and meditative high desert just outside LA! Joshua Tree and the Woodpecker (video) are my motto’s for this new era.

Seek beauty, work hard, play harder and be grateful for the simple moments. Fresh air, sunny skies, friends, family, health, JOY. The tree stands tall named by early Mormon settlers after the Prophet Joshua it has a symbiotic and self-sustaining relationship with a cute little moth and the desert it inhabits. It means many things to many people depending on your mood but, Joshua Tree has long been a symbol of fortitude and renewal. The woodpecker, an efficient clever worker, never ever gives up. Staying focused to the task at hand with precision repetition he or she finally makes his nest. A woodpecker can peck 10.000 times in a row – nature is simply astonishing. They also communicate through the noise a bird Morse Code. Together these two powerful symbols for this new year are fortitude and focus – the key to inner beauty. So while I perfect your outer beauty promise me this –  slow down, chill out, laugh more! And let your strength and vision carry you home.
Here we go…RR

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