Wash your paws…


By now we are exhausted at the constant drumbeat of wash your hands don’t touch your face! As a nurse I can tell you it is simply the best thing we can all do to stop the race of this virus and is generally a habit we need just like locking the doors and brushing our teeth. In the late 1800’s there was a doctor in Austria who observed many women died in the maternity ward from infectious fevers. This was not happening at such a high level in other parts of the hospital. Until one day his friend a pathologist died suddenly. He told the doctor before he died he forgot to clean his hands, a practice not normally done at the time except by pathologist dealing with blood. At that moment the doctor realized bacteria was transferring from unwashed hands to the pregnant women during childbirth. They got sick and died. He was the first doctor to implement in his practice hand washing with chlorine. And he had a remarkably low death rate immediately. It took decades for the medical industry to make such hygienic rules mandatory, In other countries it is still not common. It works!

Animals may be carriers of Covid-19 and they certainly are of other diseases. So wash paws too! Its just good manners – smelly dogs are are a no! They’re not pretty… – RR

Learn to wash your hands like doctors and nurses:

Tip One is we roll up clothes above our elbows.

Tip Two is we clean are hands, wrists and forearms with a hot water rinse prior to soap.

Tip Three is we use soap up to forearms and in between fingers.

Tip Four is keep your nails short right now!

Tip Five is scrub, use your eyes,

Finally, rinse again with clean hot water. pat dry with a paper towel you throw away immediately afterwards. Do this doctor scrub 2x a day and then wash your hands for at least 20 seconds after every meal, visit to the market or daily outdoor time.

Clean surfaces with bleach and water, Hydrogen Peroxide and Water or 70% plus Rubbing Alcohal and water.

And then make a cocktail!

See the source image

Check out the word by Jack Hammer, Fred Rusher and Eesa for weekly dog talk during what they call Coronacation!

Have some fun too and make your own pantry hand cream. Great thing to do with little kids everyone can have their own jar.You will need it since your hands will be dry make one with Shea butter and vitamin e or other essential oils like Jojoba, Almond or Coconut all will do the moisture trick. At night for any cracking or chaffing use Aquaphor and sleep with it on. Don’t use the same hand cream as your loved ones because of course, the germs will be there too!

4 tablespoonsShea Butter
4 tablespoonsCoconut Oil
2 tablespoonsOlive Oil (Or Sweet Almond Oil)
12 dropsPure Essential Oil (Optional)

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